Garrett Original Reman

We recommend “Garrett® Original Reman”
for older vehicles.

About Garrett

Garrett’s been at the forefront of turbo
technology since the 50’s. From cars to trucks
and everything in between. On the racetrack. In
the Winner’s Circle. Fitted as Original Equipment
Turbochargers on more than 100 million vehicles,
all over the World.

Garrett turbosare built to be the best. They depending on the model and fuel are
engineered to spin at up to 300,000 rpm, and
operate at temperatures up to 1050° C. They’re not
only critical to high performance and lower
emissions—they also improve fuel economy by +10%
or more, representing savings of over €200 per year.

It is essential engine worker, with an original Garrett turbo, power and efficiency
soar. Compared to non-OE turbos, that’s a boost to
high-end torque of 15-40%. If you want performance,
you want Garrett.

Garrett Original Reman

Each Garrett® Original Reman turbo is re-assembled to the same specifications as original new parts and inspected against original production drawings. As a starting point, Garrett remanufactured turbos receive several new original components, such as actuators, compressor wheels, bearing systems, seals, O-rings, piston ring seals, bolts and clamps.

The Perfect Fit for Vehicles 7 Years or Older

The Garrett® brand is synonymous with quality, performance and reliability

Performance turbocharger

Selection of a Performance turbocharger starts with the target power. Each turbocharger is designed to support a certain range of horse powers and engine displacement. If the turbo is too big for your engine, it will have a delayed response, and if the turbo is too small for your engine, you may not be able to reach the target. The app created by Garrett engineers will guide you through the process of selecting the right turbocharger.

Installer Connect

Get the Garrett technical expertise and a Garrett
Training certificate for free.

Garrett Connect App

The Garrett Connect mobile app is a free tool that provides mechanics and automotive enthusiasts easy on-the-go access to Garrett tools, news, training and events.

Installer Connect

Get the Garrett technical expertise and a Garrett Training certificate for free.

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