Turbochargers for personal
and commercial vehicles

General distributor – original parts

We are engaged in consulting, servicing, installation, sales, and production of
transport cooling, air conditioners, heating technology, turbochargers
for all passenger, commercial, special, and freight vehicles, various working machines,
river and sea vessels and aircraft.


We are the general distributor for new turbochargers. In addition to consulting and sales, we also offer quality service.

Turbochargers Turbochargers

In our company we service and maintain vehicles of all kinds and brands.

Service Service

With superior knowledge and attention to detail we make sure your vehicle is always ready for new challenges.

Porsche Porsche
Transport cooling

In our program we offer you also options for cooling of chambers while driving (transport cooling).

Transport cooling Transport cooling
Car heaters

Built-in heaters offer you more safety, economy, environment friendly ride and longer engine life.

Car heaters Car heaters
Car air conditioning

For good and flawless working the air conditioning needs to be used properly and regularly serviced.

Car air conditioning Car air conditioning