Porsche vehicles

Porsche vehicles

The passion of our company is Porsche vehicles. The top sophistication of the engine and the incomparable look made the children’s dreams come true.

With state-of-the-art knowledge and precision, we make sure that your vehicle is always ready for new challenges. We offer service of new Porsche models, as well as service of old vehicles and restoration

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911 RSR

Year of manufacturing1974
Engine930/04 3,0 / 2994 ccm KM 315 /
7,800 RPM
Fuel typePetrol
Number of doors2
Exterior colorBlue mat
Interior colorRed, black, blue
FurnishingsRoof window, roll-bar, shell seats

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The vehicle came to our company in 2010 and was in very good condition. The restoration of the vehicle took 4 years and in 2018 the vehicle was also registered. The vehicle was newly restored to all standards and regulations of this model from the Porsche RSR factory of the time. The peculiarity of the engine is that it is made according to the norms used in those years to compete for iron. The transitions between the cylinders are machined and polished, due to better airflow under the pistons. All lubrication channels are inspected and cleaned. Special forged MAHLE high compression pistons were placed in the engine. There are also increased channels on the heads, intake, and exhaust. A special feature is also drilled additional threads for the second (lower spark plug). The engine also has special excellent RS shafts. Bosch RSR injection pump with higher power pressure and fuel. There weren’t many changes to the clutch. The clutch plate has ceramic linings and the spring is stiffer.