Car heaters

The use of heaters doesn’t just mean we won’t
scratch the ice from the windows anymore, built-in heaters offer you also greater safety, economy, environmentally friendly driving, and longer engine life.

We want more comfort on cold and foggy winter days. With a built-in heater, you can easily wait for unpleasant days. Your driving safety will be much greater as until now. When you get in the vehicle, the visibility will be perfect as there will be no ice patches, cabin moisture, and dewy windows.

Comparative tests showed that the engine warmed up before driving emits 2/3 less harmful gases than
engine which started cold. In addition, cold engine consumes more fuel and runs much more restlessly.
It has been proven that a heated engine and a heater together do not use more fuel than a cold engine!

It is also important that the heaters can be moved to
another vehicle, so the investment in the heater pays off well
in its service life no matter how many vehicles you will replace.